Funky Fruit
Freshly sliced or skewered seasonal fruit with generous servings of bulgarian yoghurt and berry compote

Early Riser Breakfast Pastry
Assorted cocktail danish pastries; doughnuts filled with chantilly cream; fresh fruit flans; mixed berry and mint palmiers; almond and chocolate croissants

Papa`s Croissant
Variety of cocktail croissants with various fillings including egg mayonnaise and watercress; smoked salmon with cream cheese and cucumber; mature cheddar with tomato and basil pesto; chicken mayonnaise and gherkin

New York Breakfast Bagel
An assortment of bagels with various fillings including smoked salmon, scrambled egg and chives; grilled zuchinni, feta and mint; salami, mushroom and spring onion; chicken pastrami with peppadew compote, crisp fried onions and watercress

Doctor’s Choice Health Breakfast
Yoghurt and granola tumbler shots; mint and ginger glazed fruit skewers;  Wholewheat wraps of mozarella, tomato and balsamic mushrooms; cocktail oatmeal, apple and cinnamon muffins

Banting Breakfast
Beef chippolatas; grilled pastrami; crumbed mushrooms; devilled eggs; grilled steak skewers


Classic Sandwich
Selection of white and brown sandwiches including tuna mayonnaise with egg; mature cheddar with tomato and pesto; chicken mayonnaise with gherkin and salad; pastrami with mustard and caramelized onion

Deluxe Sub Selection
Hickory basted pulled beef with wild rocket and caramalised onions;
Portuguese chicken with cilantro, spring onions and roasted red peppers;
Salami with cheddar and tomato; salt and pepper grilled veg ribbons with fresh basil, chives and apricot pesto; tikka chicken, pineapple and coriander

Gourmet Wrap
Selection of wraps including butternut and feta with salad; crispy chicken with spicy mayonnaise and crisp vegetables; teriyaki beef with sesame coated vegetables and mixed asian greens

The Italian Pizza Club
Selection of authentic pizza slices including mozzarella, fresh basil and tomato ; rolled pizza stuffed with peppadew, salami and cream cheese; folded pizza filled with sweet chilli chicken, mushrooms, cilantro and mild cheddar; three cheese tripple decker slices with napolitana, cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan

The Mozambican Prego
Cocktail filled prego rolls including peri-peri marinated chicken with pineapple relish; grilled sirloin with caramelized onion; rosemary lemon and garlic potato wedges with a jalapeno dipping sauce

The Ultimate Burger
Home made pure beef burger with rocket, red onion marmalade, peppadew relish and pecorino shavings; 
Grilled chicken fillets with deep fried camembert, cranberry, coriander and jalapeno salsa;
Tempura hake goujons on crisp shredded lettuce with tobacco onion and home made tomato chilli relish;
Served with crisp peri-peri wedges


Mexican Fiesta
Spicy taco shells with taco meat, mexican salsa and guacamole; fiery crumbed jalapeno poppers with stuffed cream cheese, chilli and chives; fajitas with flame grilled beef, cilantro, grilled peppers and chopped chillies; quesidillas filled with chicken, red onion, pineapple and grated cheddar; chilli, peppadew, jalapeno and cream cheese empanadas

Taste Of Asia
Sweet and sour vegetable egg rolls; vietnamese rice paper rolls with beef, cilantro and ginger; deep fried chicken and corn wontons; indonesian sticky chicken satay; ponzu beef skewers

Big Daddy Chicken
Honey and soy chicken skewers; southern fried strips with spicy mayo; sweet chilli glazed goujons; bbq chicken drumlets; lemon and herb winglets; teriyaki marinated chicken satay

West Coast Seafood
Prawn and litchi skewers with citrus glaze; thermidor style fish tarlets; tropical sweet chilli calamari skewers ; battered hake with tartar sauce; pan-fried crab cakes with lemon aioli

Cape Town Pie And Pastry
Smoked chicken and peppadew quiches; steak rissoles; cocktail sausage rolls; crisp baked chicken pies; vegetable springrolls with sweet chilli dip; beef samoosas with coriander chutney

Grand Daddy Carnivore  
Coriander and black pepper crusted beef skewers; sticky beef shortribs with honey and ginger glaze; coriander sausage pin wheels; jalapeno meatballs in spicy prego basting; lamb kebabs in mint and apricot marinade

Cool Daddy Deli
Fine selection of cold meats and cheeses; caprese skewers with basil pesto; cheddar and pickle kebabs; devilled eggs; salami and peppadew; pastrami and gherkin; smoked chicken kebabs; assorted crudites; cubed feta, calamata olives and stuffed peppadews

Vegetarian Love
Spicy falafel balls with minted tahini dip; home made vegetable crisps of butternut, beetroot, sweet potato and carrot, served with a peppadew dip; sweet potato and coriander cakes; spinach and feta phyllo triangles; crumbed mushrooms and peppadew skewers; open margarita pizza squares with fresh basil, roasted tomatoes and mozarella


Ama Biltong Snack
Sliced biltong; droewors; moroccan spiced nuts; sundried tomato cheese straws; pretzels; dried fruit; chips and dips

Boardroom Cheese Board
Peppered chevin; mature cheddar; cumin boerenkass; camembert; brie; creamy blue served with preserved melon, glazed figs and crackers

Sugar Daddy 40 Piece
Chocolate fudge squares; lamingtons / petit fours; turkish delight; millionaire shortbread; key lime pie